Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogging Love

Iwas checking my stats via Blogger and noticed Iwas getting a lot of hits from Reddit. It was my post about thetwo Vivian actors from TheFresh Prince of Bel Air. The page has gotten around 2,432pageviews. Within the Fresh Prince reunion photo comment section,someone left a link to my story. That's pretty cool.
Thesecond blogging love I received was through I gota link shout out on their Worst Action Figures From Iconic Toy Linespost. Itwas the William The Refrigerator Perry post I wrote earlier thisyear. I was really thrilled with the little shoutout fromCracked, because I really like that site.
And,since we're wrapping up (warp?) another, I like to think to thankeveryone for reading my blog. I hope to have more entertainingcontent next year.  

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