Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chris Brown and Rihanna Tweeting their love...

ChrisBrown and Rihanna Tweeting their love...
Whenit involves Twitter, you know something bad is coming out of it.
FromE-Online, ((TheTwitter mystery (brought to our attention by NickyGeezy fromPower 106) started when Breezy posted,"Love U more than u know!"Twominutes later, Ri-Ri responded with,"I'll always love you #1love."))
Ifyou remember, back in 2009, Chris Brown beat the living crap out ofRihanna. He beat her so bad that it was hard to tell it was her. The swelling and bruising made me really hate Chris Brown. Brown isan awful human being for doing what he did to her.
Itis also the actions of Chris Brown after the incident that has metroubled. Brown gets extremely angry and violent whenever someonementions the attack. Plus, he behaves as if it never happened.
Now,we have these two sending love tweets to each other, with Rihannafollowing Chris Brown on Twitter.
Thissends the wrong message to her young female fans. If someone beatsthe living hell out of you, you should leave them and call thepolice. You should cut them off and not send them “loving”tweets. It is not okay to beat someone you claim to love like that. The police report even mentioned that he bite her a couple a timesduring the assault. Does this sound like a sane man?
Itwill be disastrous if she returns to his arms after the ringer he puther through.
Unlessthere is treatment involved, the abuser will do it again.

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