Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IP Surveillance Camera Not Just Camera but also Remote Surveillance

According to its function, the cctv ip camera is supposed to be used for monitoring of the area or a particular space. However, it does not mean you should always be in the same place when you're monitoring. Some IP cameras are equipped with special features that allow users to view the video display is no longer on the PC but on mobile devices like mobile phones, smartphones, or PDAs.

Well, we'll show you how to create your own remote surveillance system from IP cameras. For example, we use the cameras D-Link DCS-3420 is connected to a wired network with Internet access through Telkom Speedy. This camera actually has Internet streaming facilities. But we want to show you how to create a "server" streaming using any type of cameras, including webcams or CCTV. This server can later be accessed via the Internet using a browser on a PC, mobile phone, smartphone, or PDA. Certainly a capable Internet connection needed here. If you want to see results using perangakat mobile broadcast, you'll want to choose a 3G connection, or 3.5 G.

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