Friday, December 23, 2011

Knock down folks for a pair of Air Jordans? Enjoy the Holidays.

Knock down folks for a pair of Air Jordans? Enjoy the Holidays. 
For a $200 pair of shoes named after Michael Jordan, wasit really worth it?  I’m glad to see theChristmas Spirit (Holiday Spirit, take that) is alive and well as the people atthe door step on the people on the floor. 
As I kid and a teenager, I never bothered with buy theexpensive Nike shoes, because I didn’t see the point.  I thought it was scam to trick kids into buying a pair of shoesover 200 bucks, yet these same kids barely have enough to buy a lunch atschool.
In a day and age where we have devices that can do ahundred things out of the box, why are people getting this excited about a pairof shoes? 
Basically, Nike has been hyping this retro Air Concordsup for a while.  They’re the same designas the ones from 1995.  I liked theactual brand of Michael Jordan, minus Space Jam, but I just never got around tohis shoes.
Maybe, I am too old for this shit. 
Does it play your MP3s or walk the dog?  
And, Merry Holiday 

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