Thursday, December 22, 2011

Michael Jackson: Stranger in Moscow/Sonic 3

MichaelJackson: Stranger in Moscow/Sonic 3
Thisis probably the best remix of the two songs I've heard. If you willremember the Sonic End Title song is almost a complete match to MJ'ssong Stranger in Moscow. There have been many remixes/mashupsbetween the two songs, but I think DJ Yuzoboy pulled off the bestversion of the song.
FromWiki, ((JamesHansen, of Sonic Stuff Research Group, retorts that Cirocco (creditedas "Scirocco" in Sonic 3) still has possession ofpresumably a demo version of fabled soundtrack. "I actually have"ALL" of the tracks...," he writes, "from theoriginal humming of Michael calling in the middle of the nightleaving messages, to his ideas at Record One with Matt and Bruce. -BUT, I don't think I can let any of that out to the public withoutpermission))
Someday, I hope those demo tapes of MJ singing the tunes from the Sonic 3 will be released to the public. But given the control the Jackson family has on MJ's image, I don't think that will happen. 
Bonus Video FF and MJ 

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