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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
MI4 is a very entertaining follow up to the third filmand fits in nicely with that film.  With complex action set pieces, the film moves along at a break-neckspeed.  MI4 is a sharp action movie thatI enjoyed immensely.  It has a lot ofenergy and humor. 
BradBird stepped up to the plate, as this is his first live action film.  Bird came from the animation field, butreally showed that he has the potential to be a great action director.  Because this is his first live film, hisdistinct style isn’t really present. His movie style clearly is set in the same technique as producer J.J. Abrams’ stuff.  I don’t have a problem with that either,because Abrams is a good director to follow. 
Bird does a good job keeping the camera stilland showing us the action.  Manyseasoned directors could learn a thing or two from him.  He keeps things moving without that manydull scenes. 
TomCruise is pretty much the same character as he was in the last threemovies.  However, like third film,Cruise takes a side seat to the rest of the IMF team.  I always felt the remake MI series should always be a team effortjust like the old TV series.   I thinkit was good for Cruise to let the other characters in the movie get some goodscreen time, unlike the first two movies. 
While I’ve never been a fan of Cruise theperson, he handles himself extremely well. The man runs like there’s no tomorrow. There is a certain scene at the very end that he acted pretty well in,which I won’t spoil. 
Speaking of the rest of the IMF team, SimonPegg is having a lot of fun playing the gadget man, and it reminds me of hisrole as Scotty.  This time around, hegets to play out in the field.  So, theyexpanded his role. 
Did I mention how much I found Paula Patton to be extremelysexy?  She is one butt-kicking femaleagent that is very convincing in that role. She has a great moment seducing a media mogul from India that is veryfunny.   
JeremyRenner is clearly set up as a potential replacement for Ethan Hunt.
One of the best set pieces has to be theentire Dubai section of the film.  Notonly does Ethan climb a skyscraper, but he also chases a guy through asandstorm on foot and in a car. 
There are layers upon layers of problems forthe team to deal with.  And, that was myfavorite part about the movie. 
The other aspect I really dug about the movieis the way it handles the continuity within the franchise.  There are unaccredited cameos from otherestablished characters from the franchise that I had no idea were going to showup.  I also like that they at leasttalked about a certain issue that Ethan had at the end of the last movieinvolving a certain person.  And, theyhandled it in a touching manner. 
MichaelGiacchino has returned to compose the film music, and his music ismuch better than his first installment (part III).  He uses a few themes from part III, but most of the music isfresh for the new movie.  It is fastpaced and bombastic, but quiet in some parts. I also like Giacchino’s new version of IM theme, which is different thanthe one used in the third.  I loved thisscore a lot. 
I only have two issues with the movie.  One, the villains are a little weaker inthis story than the other films.  Themotives are bit weaker and they don’t have the presence the other villains inthe series had.  Two, I wanted more fromthe Russian secret police chasing after Ethan. There needed to be more for them to do in the story. 
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a verygood action movie with a lot of great scenes going for it.  With its lighter tone, the movie doesn’tseem like a burden with its over 2 hour running time.  Tom Cruise isn’t annoying and places his ego aside to let theother actors shine in the movie. Despite a few minor flaws, it is a very good follow-up to the thirdmovie. 
Grade: B+

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