Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Philips CD-I Infomercial

Philips CD-I Infomercial
Holy, crap this is both badand good.  I never came across thisinfomercial back in the 90s, but I would have loved it.  The games look really horrible, but I can seewhat they were going for. 
I love how the commercialkeeps using the word (Interactive). 
Looking at the Wiki page, Sonyeven developed CD-IS called Green Book. It was a CD format used on the CDs in the CD-I.  
Plus, Philips had the rightsto Nintendo characters after they attempted to develop a CD add-on to the SNES called theSNES-CD. The games were leftover rights from that scrapped deal betweenPhilips and Nintendo.  Sony’sPlaystation would also emerge out of this twisted history too. 
The Biggest problem with the CD-I was the pricetag.  It went for 700 at launch.  Plus, the Sega CD add-on sold better thanthe CD-I.  And, that’s saying a lot.  I vaguely remember reading about this gamesystem back in the day.  

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