Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where are the parents?

Where are the parents?
While I was standing in lineto buy a ticket for Mission Impossible 4 at my local theater, I witnessed astrange incident. 
There were two little girlsabout 7 to 9 years old standing in front of the ticket window.  They both had these confused expressions ontheir faces.  Keep in mind this isChristmas Eve at 8:55 at night, and I saw no parent in sight.
“My I help who is next?” theticket lady said through the speaker. 
The two little girls steppedup with money in hand.  “Can we get twotickets for Young Adult?”
“Uh, do you have a parentaround, that movie is Rated-R?” the ticket lady asked.
They didn’t answer and stoodback away from the window.  Whereexactly where they’re parents and why were they trying to get into a R-Ratedmovie?  This is a late Saturday onChristmas Eve, no place for little kids. 
I just found it odd. 
I looked up Young AdultYoung Adult is written by DiabloCody, and ex-stripper. And, where's what the parent guide had to say aboutmovie's content. ((No actual nudity, actorsare covered or wearing underwear. Graphic discussion of male sex organ. Adultpromiscuity and discussion of high school sexual activity with numerouspartners. Hint of masturbation in opening scene. ))
I am not a prude, but I think parent should at leastbe there to watch the R-rated movie with their kids.  Heck, I used to watch a lot of R-rated movies when I was akid.  

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