Thursday, December 29, 2011

Worst Comedians of all times?

 WorstComedians of all times?,a pretty good site I might add, did a list of the worst comedians of ourlifetime. Some of the folks on the list I completely agree with. Here are a fewI wanted to comment on.
 14. Andrew DiceClay:  I would have rated him higher on the list.  He might haveworked during the 80s and 90s, but now it come across as an earlier version ofthe Cable Guy act.  Do you remember when he had that awful reality showthat got cancelled? 
13.  Margaret Cho: MC mentioned that she seems to keep bringing up her horrible time on her sitcomshow All American Girl and hasn’t let it go.  She has slowly moved awayfrom being funny to being downright annoying. 
12. Sinbad:  Well, hejust disappeared from everything.  At one point, he was hot.  He hadspecials and movies everywhere.  Plus, he wore those strange and uglypants.  What was up with that?  Heeven had a talk show.  I’ve seen someonedisappear as fast as he did.
10.  Larry the CableGuy:  You already know I hate this Mf’er.  I also hate that Cars 2was centered on his character.  Words can’t express how much I hate thisguy and his fan base.  Get’er shut up.
6.  Carlos Mencia: Sure, he’s lost a lot weight, but he still sucks.  There was a time whenhe was red-hot too.  Remember, he had that TV show too. 
3. Kathy Griffin:  WhileI should hate her because of her many facelifts, I still like the fact shepisses off people on the left and right.  She pisses off reality stars andrich people alike.  This is the reason I like her.  She’s a betterversion of Joan Rivers. 
 Damn you, Sinbad, with your loud shirts and strange pants. 

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