Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aurora Snow: This Crap is Bananas...BANANAS

 One very unhappy Banana
Man, I just love AuroraSnow. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I am a majorfan of Aurora Snow. I was into her “girl next door looks” aroundthe time these “girl next door” women started to push out thefake boobs and face-lifts women out. So, I got a little chuckle outof this video. Can't a woman play around with some fruit? (I betterstop before I say something inappropriate)
Did I mention that she's also a very smart girl? Yeah, take thatSasha Grey fans.
I guess her video of her playing around with her bananas got hervideo flagged. This video came out exactly around the time SOPA andPIPA were in the news. While I don't think YT would have had aproblem with the video, something tells me the certain women andreligious people probably complained about it and flagged it.
This has happened before. Like when two pornstars were just talkingabout sex, it got taken down. This goes back to giving too muchpower to someone when it comes to censorship like I mentioned beforein the post below.
I do have one thought; When a Banana is involved with a famousatheist guy, we're disgusted. But, throw a banana into the hands of afamous Pornstar, we all want to see that video. I don't think anyonewants to see a dude and a banana.

This shit is Bananas.

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