Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bow Wow : "Crunch Time"

Bow Wow: Crunch Time
A friend from work asked me to reviewthis music video. 
I’ve never hated or like Lil Bow Wow,and I feel the same way with him now.  Iknew he had some albums and showed up in a few movies.  Heck, he was on Moesha and The Fast andFurious: Tokyo Drift.  But, I just sawhim as another version of ABC or Kriss Kross. 
Okay, the actual track isn’t thatbad.  I’ve heard the background musicfrom somewhere, but I am not sure where. Where does this sample come from? And, I have give Bow Wow credit for not following some of the trendsthat current rap groups seem like to copy from each other.
However, the parts with Bow Wow muggingto the camera are a bit…goofy.  He tugsat his NBA hat about 24 ½ times during the video (Yeah, I counted).  I wouldn’t have noticed, but someone pointedit out to me. 
I am even fine with the bragging raps,but the music video isn’t that good. 
-Bow Weezy?  Why does everyone throw in Weezy into their name now? 
-He makes it rain on somestrippers.  This shows us he’s a grownman now.  I guess we won’t be seeing a LikeMike 3: Back to the Court. (Yes, there was a Like Mike 2, but Bow Wowless). 

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