Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casey Anthony is a Vlogger?

And, we thought we saw thelast of her.
So, she allegedly killed herdaughter and now she is vlogging?  Thatjust seems so wrong.  The only thingthat is revealing is that there is sense of regret in her voice and her bodylanguages.  She even mentions beinglonely. 
The last thing I’d want to doin a situation is to make vlog. 
FromDaily Mail, ((One of her lawyers J. CheneyMason, told the Orlando Sentinel that it was his client on the video but thatit was leaked or hacked and they would be launching an investigation to try anddiscover how it was obtained.
He said itsrelease was 'unauthorized' and 'inappropriate' and that Anthony has been'maintaining some notes for her personal use and for future counselingpurposes'. ))
That's some seriouscounseling. How does one get a hold a private vlog, unless she gave thecomputer to someone?  I get the feelingit was released by her, but her lawyers didn’t like the reaction to it. 
And, the fact she has a dog isa little creepy. 

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