Monday, January 23, 2012

Dixie Square Mall gone?

DixieSquare Mall

While watchingthe commentary on the by Paw on the Blues Brother review, hementioned the Dixie Square Mall. I looked into the comment sectionand it was stated that the mall was being destroyed this month. Igot a little upset with that news.
The Dixie Square Mall chase from the classic movie The Blues Brothersis one of my favorite car chase scenes. The production companyrented the closed mall for about eight weeks.
-Yes, that was Frank Oz asking for a Miss Piggy doll.
-Right as the car cashes through the store, a woman can be seenjumping out of the way in the nick of time. And she crashes rightinto the side of a counter. That must have hurt!
-Also, you can see an R2-D2 toy in the lower right corner near thesame counter the woman crashes into at the 19 second mark.
-They destroyed a lot of things in the scene that would make my headspin. Some stores didn't want to be associated with the movie andhad their store faces changed.
From what I've read, the mall was closed before they started filmingthe Blue Brothers scene. So, they were able to really do a number tothe mall in that scene.
The kicker is the town didn't have the funds to destroy the mall, soit just sat there in decay for over 30 years. I can't believe no hasdecided to buy it or develop it. It is just a ghost town of twistedmetal and rust.

There is a lot videos and pictures showing the complete decay of themall.

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