Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hall Pass

 Hall Pass
Well, it isn’t the worstcomedy in the world, but there is something missing.  This R-rated movie feels like it is trying hard to be edgy.  The Farrelly brothers haven’t really grownsince the 90s, and it shows in this comedy. 
Basically, two married men aregoing through a mid-life crisis.  So,their wives give them a week “Hall Pass” to be with any women they wantto.  We get to watch them try to getlaid.  And, that’s pretty much the moviein a nutshell. 
Plain and simple, Hall Pass isnot that funny.  Some scenes go nowhere,while other scenes are purely there for shock value.  There are a few laughs here and there, but I was left a littledisappointed. 
-Owen Wilsonlooks very old in this movie and slightly out of shape.  Maybe, he did that for the movie, but it istroubling because he was very fit a few years ago. 
-Christina Applegate looksvery good, but is one of the worst characters in the film.  She does something that I wasn’t a fanof.  But, I will give the writers creditfor letting them turn her into a bad person. 
-There is male and femalenudity.  If anything else, there is an“extended” shot of male nudity that would make even Ray-J do a doubletake.  I guess it was supposed to befunny seeing Wilson’s reaction to it, but it didn’t really work.
-A woman shits all over abathroom wall.  Yes, she sneezes andspatters shit all over the wall and bathtub. I was more confused than anything else, because very little is mentionedof it after the scene.  Did he clean upthe mess or let her shower?  None ofthis is answered.  I know it was thrownin for shock value, and it is like a rip-off of the 40 Year Old Virgin scenewhere a woman pukes on the main character. 
Hall Pass is a missedopportunity that have dug deep into what women and men want in a marriage usinghumor to soften the blow.  However, weget an uneven movie that feels like it has been through some re-shoots andre-writes. It is a movie that feels like it was ripped straight from the 90s.  Everything is dated in this movie. 
Bobby & PeterFarrelly, I know you can do better than this. 
Grade: D+
 Cop:  "We arrested him because he looks like that guy from the Hangover"
 This is the cast’s reaction to reading thescript. 


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