Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hawaii 5-0 Loves Subway!

Howmuch did Subway pay for this ad within the Hawaii 5-0 show?
Isaw this onReddit and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. Placing productsinto movies and films is fine, but to have a character stop the flowof the story to talk about a certain product is down right low. Didthe Subway guys write that portion of the script or did they justsend a memo?
Oh,and make sure you get all the subway logos into each shot from closeups to long shots. Oh, boy. Did this even needed to be shoved intothe story? Nope, but this is another reason I've stopped watchingmost network TV shows.
I half expected Jared from Subway to pop his head in for a moment.   Maybe he did and I didn't see it.  
Anyway, this post is brought to you by Grizzlebees!

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