Monday, January 9, 2012

Home - Buying Guides for Young Couple

Buying a home for newly married couple is hard, why?  It needs a very careful thinking and a lot of discussions with your partner. But there are several easy guides for buying your dream house, they are:

  • When you choose a property agent that can sell house to you, you should note the experience of and how old the property agent by seeing the prices, testimonials and others.
  • The location of house that you want to purchase should have an easy access to the main road. Do not easily be tempted by the sweet words from the property agent that says the house is only five minutes from the toll. Who knows, that he/she means it takes five minutes when it is in the middle of the night and streets deserted.
  • Make sure that the house complex you choose has excellent infrastructure which is easily access such as public transport, wide road, electricity, water, security, market, supermarket, clinic, sport facility, entertainment center and others.
  • Check if the location is free from flooding or not.
  • Check the building carefully for its condition and quality whether it is to check the condition of roof, wall, sill, window, bathroom’s plumbing and  air duct.

Have fun for hunting your dream house. ejr

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