Thursday, January 19, 2012

I wash the SOPA off and it goes down the PIPA

SOPA and PIPA: A short thought
I've been sitting on the sidelines and not mentioning the bill at allon my site. I decided to sit and listen to both sides. I wascynical and didn't think people would have enough power to slow downthe bill, but the Internet surprised me again this week. Never hasthere been a more diverse group of Internet users from all colors andflavors coming together and protesting these bills.
However, MCdid a wonderful post on his blog. He brought up the abuse ofpower these copyright holders will have over the little people likeyou and me. If someone doesn't like my review on the Love Guru,what's to stop them from filing false copyright claims to shut me up? That's the part of SOPA and PIPA I don't like. If this bill passes,you will have to wonder how much groups like FOX or Scientology willabuse the powers. I don't want groups like Scientology to flag mefalsely for making fun of Xenu.
One thing the protests did do is bring these bills to light to thenon-tech savvy crowd. That was the most important part of theInternet protest yesterday that did some major good. Up until thatpoint, the large news media outlets did little to cover the story. Now, it is on every News site. It also had people at my work talkingabout the bill, and many of them aren't hip to these sort of things. A friend on Facebook changed her profile picture to a stop SOPApicture.
It was amazing watching people from the left and the right protestthis bill.
I lean toward less government in our lives, so naturally these billsare dangerous. If people can keep it up, more and more lawmakerswill turn away from these flawed bills. You've already made adifference.

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