Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jay-Z: Can I get a What-What

Jay-Z:  Can I geta What-What
I actually like this song.  Perhaps, it is robotic beat with the some nice rapping fromJay-Z, Ja (Every thug needs a lady) Rule, and Amil.  I heard this track on a local station found myself nodding head.
And, yes the song is all about sex and Jay-Z asking to“hit that”. 
Since the video and the song were tied to the Rush Hourfilm, the good one, the late Chris Penn shows up in the video as abartender.  We also get random clipsfrom the movie Rush Hour thrown in for good measure. 
This song came out in 98 when hip-hop still had amixture of good rap and good music. This also marked the time when Ja Rule was still consider a good rapperand performer before 50 Cent made him into a joke and Ja co-staring with StevenSeagal. 
Now, Amil has an interesting history.  Jay-Z brought her up with him in a few ofhis hit tracks, such as this one. However, they had a bit of a falling out.  They haven’t spoken since. I remember her from the Jay-Z videos, but I am willing to hear some ofher solo tracks, because she’s good in this song. 

Here’s the uncensored version of the song.
DJ Hero released a mash up with Eminem’s Lose Yourself.

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