Saturday, January 28, 2012

Knock Off

Man,another JeanClaude Van Damme movie that was bad and overlooked byeveryone. This silly movie was just on Showtime. So, we got greenexplosions with knock off toys and clothes that are used as bombs. Wealso have the Van Damme acting like his doing Street Fighter II.
Themovie is set during the change over of Hong Kong from British rule toChinese. There were a lot of movies with this setting during thelate 90s. (Rush Hour). The movie is about terroists planting bombswithin “knock off” pants and toys. They plan on setting off thebombs across the world. And, that's the plot of the movie. Brilliant...
So,Van Damme takes on killer pants.
Theworst part is Rob Schneider is the costar and partner to Van Damme'scharacter, and he's channeling his role in Judge Dredd. What is itwith Schneider costarring with actors that are hard to understand? He's really super annoying here.
-Thestunts by Van Damme are very entertaining. It is just a shame hecan't choose better scripts.
-Hey,they even threw in the lovely “Sunshine” girl from Harlem Nights. (LelaRochon)
-Thereis a guy that uses his glasses as weapons. I am not making this up.
-And,we get multiple ass shots from Van Damme. I've never seen a guy morein love with his ass than Van Damme.  

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