Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lemme Smang it: by Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy

LemmeSmangit: by YungHumma ft Flynt Flossy
Pleasetell me this is just a parody. I can't really tell from my GoogleSearches of this group. But, there is evidence that they are aparody group. Giventhat real homemade hip-hop videos look like this, I am leaningtoward parody.
Youhave to love the fusion of the words Bang and Smash. Naturally, there is an urban dictionary entry to the word Smang. Instead of telling a woman you want to smash it and bang it, justtell her you'd like to Smang it. That will go over extremely well Iam sure.
-Whyis there a strange screen saver image in the background of a liquiddripping into a body of a liquid? 
-Themain girl featured in the video is very cute, but she doesn’t seemto be too pleased about being in the video. 
-“Ilike to start slow, then to beat it up.” These are words of a truepoet. 
-Flynt Flossy:  Is this guy Eddie Murphy or Charlie Murphy. I know that the facial hair is fake, but he looks like one of theMurphy brothers.
Itlooks like the Turquoise Jeep Records has a lot of these “joke”music videos.

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