Monday, January 30, 2012

Megan Fox Island (no Smoke Monster in sight)

 Finally,Megan Fox chooses a good Megan Fox Island.
AnIsland of Megan Foxes, and no one to talk to them. Did they tap intomy dreamworld via that Inception machine?
SinceJennifer’s Body, I haven't thought she's picked the right roles orhas even bothered showing up for movies. And, to be fair, she's notdoing much today. You don't piss off one of the biggest producers inthe world.
Iguess Michael Bay didn't direct this ad, despite it looking like aBay ad.
Plus,you can't go wrong with Mike Tyson Island. Now, that was funny. Ihave no idea what this tribe of Tyson will do to the boys.
Idid a little digging and found this on The Huffington Post, ((Inan ad for the Brazilian-based language school CCAA shot in Oxnard,California, Megan Fox greets two non-English speaking guys who getwashed up on a distant island with the words, "Welcome to MeganFox Island." ))
So,this is promotional ad is to get more people from Brazil to learnEnglish. What better way than a million Megan Foxes.

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