Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megaupload shut down by the US government

Megaupload shut down by the USgovernment
This will be my last post on SOPA andcopyright laws for a while.  However, theUS government has shutdown without SOPA.  They already have the power to shutdown sitesthat already have copyright infringing content. 
And,they arrested the owners of the site through New Zealand.  You don’t need to add more power to governmentbecause they can shutdown stuff in other countries.  I can go into the reasons why there areproblems with this issue pre-SOPA, but I won’t.  
 However, people need to use this as way of proving you don’t need newlaws to stop copyright infringement.  Themessy part is the profits that Mega received that don’t make this a black andwhite issue. 
It is a real shame the US government doesn’tmove this swiftly against drug dealers or terrorists.   

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