Saturday, January 7, 2012

Papa John's employee gets a little uncreative with a racial slur

Papa John's employee gets a little racial 
Better ingredients, betterracists? I don't remember buying a topping of racism on my Meat Lover's Pizza.
I do like the founder of PapaJohn's, because he's a big time bicyclist. And, I've encountered his PapaJohn's Bicycle team while I was riding around Louisville. But, one of hisemployees from New York got a little creative with their receipt name.
Minhee Cho came back from PapaJohn's and noticed the name on her receipt. Fromthe Huff Post, ((In it, under the customer'sname section, the restaurant employee who rang up the order used the racialslur "lady chinky eyes" to describe her. ))
You can't buy that type ofracist...actually you can. Did the employee not think someone would catch that?It comes across as mean more than anything else. I'd hate to see what has beenleft on my receipt (Loser, Forever Alone, Big A-hole).
Cho then proceeded to post it on the “Evil”Twitter. That was when it caught fire. That happened 11 hours ago.
The store manger sort of madeit worst with her half response. Fromthe Huff Post (("I apologize," shesaid in a phone interview. "I'm sure they didn't mean any harm but somepeople will take it offensive." She added that she "had an idea ofwho it was," based on the time of the receipt. ))
Uh, using a racial slur prettymuch means you wanted to harm her by belittling her.
Papa John'sdid respond to the incident five hour ago on their FB page. ((We were extremely concerned to learn of the receipt issuein New York. This act goes against our company values, and we've confirmed withthe franchisee that this matter was addressed immediately and that the employeeis being terminated. We are truly sorry for this customer's experience.))
I put the blame directly onthe employee. In the age of Twitter and Cell Phones, you can't get away withthese dumbass things today. The employee did get fired, so it all ends well.Except, if I were Cho, I'd ask for those peppers that they put in your pizzabox for free for life.

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