Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random Things (New Year Edition)

 Random Things (New Year Edition)
~Well, it is a brand new year, and I don't feel all that specialabout it. During New Year's Day at 12, I refused to go outside justin case some falling bullets hit me. I remember seeing thathappening in the movie The Mexican, and I'veworried about it since. However, a chance of that happening ispretty slim. Waita second...
~Ingredientsto Chick Flicks: I really like this article. One I would add isnot putting either Katherine Heigl or Jennifer Aniston in your chickflick. They are the touch of death. It seems Bridesmaid broke thatmold and made a lot of money. I have to agree with the writer thatseeing really skinny women worrying about their relationship gets alittle old.
~Rhythmis going to get you...tonight: If it is going to get you, beprepared. I see this song as a warning to anyone that doesn't wantrhythm, because it can get you...especially at night.
~FirstKaty Perry, now Zooey Deshanel is filing for divorce. I knowZooey hates being compared to Perry, but it doesn't help when youfile for divorce around the same time as Perry.
~Someone was in pure amazement because I knew so much about moviesand pop culture. “Damn, you've seen every movie in the world.” That's not true. Some movies I refuse to watch like the Saw series.
~Listening to the Predator score again. I really love this score.
~HybridSharks: It appears people have discovered that two types ofsharks are breeding to create a new shark. Blacktip sharks andAustralia Blacktip sharks are breeding.   

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