Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Tails trailer

RedTails: That George Lucas produced movie
Okay,the FX looks very good, but the dialogue leaves much to be desired. The story is based on the historical events of the Tuskegee Airmenprogram. George Lucas is producing the movie with his “Yes-Man”Rick McCallum, so that might turns some people off.
Thereare already rumblings with mixed reviews.
Ihave an huge issue with this movie. It was already made back in 1995withLaurenceFishburnestarring and they called it TheTuskegee Airmen. And, CubaGooding Jr. is in both Tuskegee Airmen movies! That moviehandled the depiction of the Airmen very well. So, you know thatpeople are going to compare these two movies. And, it doesn't helpwhen you have the same actor in both movies.
And,because Lucas is involved, be prepared for Lucas-backlash because ofhis past record.

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