Thursday, January 26, 2012

SearchQu is a piece of crap: Annoying program

SearchQu is apiece of crap: Annoying program
My brotherdownloaded some programs to my computer and to my surprised my Googlehome page changed to the ever crappy searchqu page without mypermission. I was really pissed about this change too. Then, Iattempted to change my homepage back to Google and it wouldn't letme. I did some digging and came across somepeople that had the same problems with this annoying add-on.
I removed most ofthe parts of the program, but there are a few hidden elements withinthe Firefox version. Because, windows did a reset update and Inoticed the searchqu came back up in that browser.
Why would youwant to force someone to use your search engine in such a intrusivemanner?  

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