Thursday, January 12, 2012

Street Fighter: The Movie my thoughts

StreetFighter: The Movie
I had the misfortune or delight of watching StreetFighter, and not the terrible one from the 2000s, but the terrible one from the90s.  I’m still torn choosing which SFmovie is the worst of the two. 
The movie is bad and down right silly.  I hated this movie when I was younger, butnow I just pity it. 
~Guile: One of the worst aspects of the movie has to beJean-Claude Van Damme because his actingthroughout is wooden and terrible.  And,that pep speech is laughable at best. When was Guile the main star of the SF series? 
~ Did you know there was an addedpost credit scene to the movie? That was probably one of the cooler thingsin the movie.  I guess they reallythought the movie was going to be a huge hit. It did make some money, but I think the bashing it received from criticsand audience stopped that sequel.  I doknow that JCVD tried to make a sequel back in the early 2000s. 
~The script is probably theweakest thing about the movie. 
~  Ken and Ryu:  What didthey do to these two characters?  Ialways thought these two characters were the true main characters in the SF story.  In this movie, they’re comedic characterswith questionable morals. 
~Evil Lightening?:  Yes, Bison gains flying powers and shoots lightening from hisfingers. 
~ Raul Julia:  He isn’t that bad, but a little over thetop.  Why is he flying around at the endagain?  I know he does it in the game,but it looks stupid. 
~Kylie Minogue is terribleas Cammy and thankfully underused.  Shedoes look good in the outfit. 
With the other SF movie,something tells me they need to stop making these movies based on thisseries. 

 Yes, this is how the movie ended.

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