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Super (2010)

Super (2010)
Shut up, Crime!
I actually enjoyed the movie a great deal.  However, I can’t recommend the movie tolight at heart.  The movie is as violentas they come.  Actually, the movie mightbe more brutal than Kick-ass.  Upuntil the last 20 minutes, the movie is very much a dark comedy, and I can’tstress dark enough.  People get theirheads cracked in by this “super” hero. And, I found myself really enjoying the movie because of this. 
Frank D'Arbo(Rainn Wilson) is a guy thatworks at as a cook at a restaurant, and has a rather boring life, but he has alovely wife.  She is a recovering addictthat ends up falling off the wagon and leaving Frank for a drug dealer namedJock (Kevin Bacon).  Distraught by this, Frank starts to lose hismind and becomes a superhero named The Crimson Bolt.  He fights crime by bashing people’s skullsin with a wrench.  While fighting crime,he even takes on a lovely sidekick (Ellen Page). 
This is probably Wilson’s best role yet.  You’re not sure if you should be cheering onthis guy or wanting him stop his crime fighting ways.  Wilson does a good job balancing the mundane, silly and darknessof his character.  He really seems toshine when he takes on the character of The Crimson Bolt.  Wilson is just outstanding in the twistedrole. 
The other actress thatsteals the show is a hyper Ellen Page doing something different than her Junorole.  Here, she is a fan-girl thatworks at a local comic shop.  She knowsher comic books and helps Wilson’s character with his research.  There is a dark twisted charm about Page’scharacter and her intensity to become a super hero sidekick to the CrimsonBolt.  Her sidekick name is Boltie
When she dons the Boltie costume, she becomes extremelycrazy to the point of harming a somewhat innocent person.  Page is extremely cute as Boltie, if alittle insane.  And, there is one scenethat every fanboy talks about involving her, in her Boltie outfit, and anunsuspecting/sleeping Rain Wilson.  Iwon’t spoil it, but you will never see Page the same way again…
“It's all gooshy. ”
Kevin Bacon is playing Kevin Bacon.  And, I am fine with that too.  I find it funny that he’s the main villainhere, and it another big bad villain in X-Men: First Class. 
Besides the Ellen Page scene, there is another standout scene involving a theater line-cutter that is extremely brutal.  I was disturbed by it, and amused with thefact they showed it. 
The story switches to a serious one toward the end ofthe movie.  The dark humor is replacedwith some serious scenes of life and death when the Crimson Bolt and Boltieattack the drug stronghold.  I was evenshocked the direction they took with one character.
The ending wasn’t what I suspected either.  While somber, there is a hint of hope, and Iwill leave it at that.  I am surprisedhow much I enjoyed the movie. 
Grade:  B+
Side Note: 
-Did I mention that Nathan Fillion plays aparody of Bibleman?  I think only a fewpeople will even get the joke. 
 At least the outfit is better than the Batgirl outfit in Batman & Robin.  

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