Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tebowing? Can we stop this nonsense, please? (A bit of a rant)

Tebowing?  Can we stopthis nonsense, please? (A bit of a rant)
I logged into Facebook and discovered that two of my friendsposed for the Tebowing pictures.  Iwanted to leave a comment comdemming them for their actions.  Since they are my friends, I saidnothing. 
Just like the stupid Duckface pictures, I’ve had enough ofthis meme.  While some are doing it as agoof, others have a political lean to doing it. 
In many ways, it is just a holy version of planking.  When your grandmother starts doing it, it istime to stop.  Like planking, it hasgone too mainstream, and I am not trying to be a hipster about thiseither.  It just comes across aslame. 
By the way, I have no idea who Tebow is.  I just know he’s really religious and afootball player.  But, that’s it. 
So, please just stop with the damn Tebow crap. 

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