Friday, January 13, 2012


Trespass isn’t a bad film overall, but I can see whythis Joel Schumacher film didn’t receive a widerelease in North America.  The film hassome strange characteristics that do not fit with rest of the movie, such asflashbacks.
The movie is about a diamond dealer that finds him andhis family thrown into a tense situation due to a brutal home invasion. 
Somewhere, there is a good hostage/heist movie trying toclaw its way out.  Some poor decisionsforce this simple premise into corny and foolish territory
The biggest problem with the movie is the decision toput Nicolas Cage intothe leading role.  Cage has been bothbox office and critic poison for many years now.  Putting him into your movie is guaranteed to harm the movie.  Cage does his usual shouting and gruntingthat has made him famous.  WhileSchumacher has toned down Cage’s outrageous mannerisms, Cage’s overacting doesbring you out of the movie sometimes. 
Nicole Kidman is plain and boring in the role of theunhappy wife.  I was wondering if shewasn’t just channeling her contempt with the script.  However, Liana Liberato isn’t bad as the “troublesome teenagedaughter”, but it is the cliché character that makes that her performancedull. 
There are a couple of twists, but you won’t really careabout them because the movie doesn’t give a damn about the characters.  And, to be fair, the movie borrows a bit toomuch from the better-written film Panic Room.  They even have the looming heavy robber character that takes ittoo far written into the script.  Youcan throw in a staple gun weapon scene just like in the action movies from the90s.
The clichés and the bland script bring this movie downconsiderably, and that’s sad because there are some good moments. 
Schumacher does an okay job, but it does have a directto DVD look to it.  He doesn’t seem tohave the same intense sense of tension like Phone Booth.  This flawed movie has some interestingmoments, but the poor script and bad acting by Cage keep this movie from beinggood. 
Grade:  C-
 Nic Cage:  "Yes, I did star in Season of the Witch and Bangkok Dangerous.  But, don't hold that against me!" 

 Shirt-less dude: “I'll make you totally forget about that Tom Cruise guy.”

Nicole: “Legally, I can't say anything bad about my batshit crazy formerhubby, or his church will come after me.”

Shirt-less Dude: “But you just said...”
Nic Cage:  "So, you'resaying I can star in Ghost Rider III: Ghost Projectile

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