Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

 Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Finally, there is a spoof movie that does the wholespoof thing right.  It stands on its ownas standalone movie, but clearly takes the piss out of horror movies.  I actually laughed a great deal with some ofthe scenes.  And, I like both Tucker andDale as characters.  The movie is silly,doesn’t fall into the “spoof movie” mode of jokes. 
The movie is about a group of college kids going toa camping site out in the middle of nowhere. They encounter some hillbillies that are mostly harmless and rather buffoonishand laughable.  Through a series ofmisunderstandings, the college kids and hillbillies clash and a lot of peopledie or get hurt. 
It is like the college kids are in horror movie,while the hillbillies, Tucker and Dale, are in a slapstick movie.  TylerLabine does a great job playing the loveable Dale.  He seems to make him more than a stupidhillbilly.  Then again, the movie isabout breaking stereotypes.  His friendTucker is played wonderfully by AlanTudyk (Firefly).  He seems to be agood guy too, if a little simple.  Iloved his scenes with the bees and the wood chipper.   
The rest of the cast is merely a group of teenagersthat behave like teens do in these sorts of movies, except they are a littledumber.  And, that’s part of the fun ofT&D.  They have no idea their fallinginto the same clichés those modern movies tend to set up.  They view Tucker and Dale as inbred rednecksout to kill them.
The standout character from the college group isJesse Moss.  He plays the unstable teenthat has some problems and is the main reason the group gets into the trouble they’rein.  He slowly descends into madness, whichI found humorous. 
The gore is the movie is intense, but people haveseen this type of gore before.  And, itis done in such a goofy manner that it shouldn’t offend too many people.  And, the gore FX is really good and rivalsother modern horror films from today. 
The movie does feel a little long, but that is aminor gripe.  The movie isn’t foreveryone, but it is a rather funny dark comedy.  It can stand by itself as movie, but it is afun send up to horror movies too.
Grade: B-
Yes, thelight blue collar shirt says “I am a d-bag”.  

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