Sunday, January 22, 2012

William Shatner to be killed off in a new Priceline Ad?

WilliamShatner to be killed off in a new Priceline Ad?

Here's my Favorite 
Iactually liked the Priceline ads with William Shatner. They were thefew ads I could actually watch and not be disgusted with them. Shatner turned the hammy Shatner up a notch for the ads. And, he wasthe face of Priceline. Now, there is talk of Shatner's characterliterally going off the deep end in a new ad for Monday.
FromPeople Magazine, ((After14 years, "The Negotiator" will be no more. 
WilliamShatner is leaving his role as pitchman for the online travel, and he is not going softly into his good night. He'sfalling off a cliff. And dying. ))
Uh,didn't Captain Kirk die in a similar manner? 14 years is a long timefor an ad
Also,did you know Shatner is 80 years old. Holy crap.
Pricelinehas already released the ad on their youtube page.
Iwonder who are they going to bring in to replace him? CaptainPicard?

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