Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did you know that Shaq has a Vevo page?

Did you know that Shaq has a Vevopage? 
And, he only has one song listed inhis vevo page.   Uh, doesn’t that seem a bit strange considering that Shaq has had 4 albums, including an album calledShaq Fu: Da Dream?  Yes, he named analbum after the worlds shittiest VG Shaq-Fu. I guess Shaq thought his game was going to be a hit. 
 Shaq has always amazed me because he's the richest guy that has had numerous failures.  His movie career was crap, (including his small roles in Freddy Got Fingered and Scary Movie: fill in the blank).  His music career was crap. His videogame career was crap.  His free throws were crap.  
He is what you would call a Red Mage.  A jack of all trades and a master of none.  

Here’s the only song he has on hispage. 

He mentions Superman in the track and I wonder if this isthe reason he took on Steel.  Should weblame this song?  (yeah, he’s a bigSuperman fan but still.)

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