Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flip the Script: The other side of overreaction: One Million Moms (JC Penney and Ellen)

Flipthe Script: The other side of overreaction: One Million Moms
JCPenny decided to have Ellen DeGeneres as their spokeswoman for theircompany. Then, here comes the One Million Moms group to try to getJC Penney to fire Ellen because she is gay.
FromReuters ((Breakingher silence on the furor, DeGeneres, one of America's best known gaycelebrities, also poked fun at the One Million Moms group who hadurged J.C. Penney to drop her as a spokeswoman because she is alesbian and said they would boycott the store.))
Thisis what she had to say about the story...
And,I have to give Ellen cool points from not running away from OMM andstanding up to their attacks.
Thebiggest hero to come out of this story is Bill O'Reilly.
Fromthe Huffington Post, ((Helikened the group's boycott of the Texas-based retail chain afterthey hired DeGeneres to a "witch hunt." He went on to note,"What is the difference between the McCarthy era of the '50s andthe Million Moms saying, 'Hey, JCPenney and all you other stores,don't you hire any gay people. Don't you dare.' What is thedifference?"))
Iknow that those OMMs thought they had an ally in Bill, but he cameout and smashed them with his comparison. Brilliant. I am not ahuge O'Reilly fan, but damn did he own them on this one. This ismerely a witch hunt and an attack.
Thisis same problem I had with GLAAD going after that CNN reporter forhis remarks. GLAAD needs to confront the OMM group instead of goingafter small fries.
HeyEllen. Now, if we can get an apology formaking the movie Mr. Wrong, I will be happy.

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