Monday, February 6, 2012

MIA gives you the middle finger...and do we care?

 MIA gives you themiddle finger...
Why is this a bigdeal? I thought we were done with this BS with the whole JanetJackson “incident” .
Are we calling afinger malfunction?
I was moreoffended that people find MIA interesting to begin with. I kind ofblame Seth Rogan for that one. MIA clearly did it to gain attentionwithout little substance. It was a check ploy and the outraged mediafell for it. I always felt MIA did things to provoke a reaction frompeople without much talent to back it up. And, of course here comethe groups to protest and shout.
We should have just ignored it and MIA would have gone back into void of has-beens.
And, because ofthis nonsense, we'll just get another bland act for next year.   

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