Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Things

~Whois Paul McCartney?: This was spoken on Twitter during the GrammyAwards Show. Are you f'ing serious? I know we've raised kids on afresh dose of Justin Bieber and other lame acts, but to not botherWikipedia-ed the bloke just seems stupid. Are young people so intojust their thing that they won't bother looking up the old dude? Iam waiting for someone to say, “Who the hell is Whitney Houston?”. Maybe, I just hate young people. Thisis just another reason not to sign onto Twitter.
~FacebookDrama: Someone said this in their FB post ((Oneless crackhead on the planet...)) I was alittle pissed off, but everyone entitled to their opinion. Yes, I'vemay have attacked people for giving Anna Nocole Smith's death suchattention because she didn't have that much of a body of work. Shewas know more for that shitty Reality Show more than anything else. However, at least respect WH enough because of her body of work.
~KatyPerry disses Brand? I still think Russell Brand should haveworked out his marriage to Perry. She is a very cute woman. I'dcertainly try to make it work. What was Perry wearing that theGrammy?
~Toall the women on Twitter that are saying “Chris Brown can beatme up any time”, please stop it. You're making yourself lookreally bad. I talked to a woman about Chris Brown at work. Shesaid, “Whatever happens between those two is none of our business. We don't know what really happened that day.” I told her he wasbeating and biting her and then left her in the car. I still didn'tget a change in reaction. Why are we giving him a break for this?
~I'vebeen playing an videogame called To The Moon for a videogame class Iam in school. So far, I am really liking it. It is a throwback toSNES days. I am currently writing a Power Point for the game forclass tomorrow.  I'll have more on this game hopefully...

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