Thursday, February 2, 2012

Remembering Jennifer Lien

 Jennifer Lien: What happened to her?
While I was reading Samurai Frog's break down of the last season ofStar Trek Voyager. I got to thinking about the lovely and talentedJennifer Lien. She was amazing as the bright eyed Kes on Voy. Andthere was potential for her to move into bigger and greater roles. She actually had talent that wasn't based on her body, which is acontrast to 7 of 9. 7 of 9 was a good character, but they keptshoving her assets into our faces and she became T&A mascot forthe network, and I find that sad.
Jennifer Lien hadso much more to offer.
When they addedBorg Miss Big Boobs to the show, they had to get rid of an extracharacter. The ax came down to GarrettWang or Jennifer Lien. They almost fired Wang because he got alot of press for misbehaving on set and off set. HoweverPeople Magazine featured him as one of the 50 Most BeautifulPeople in the World story. Lien was fired instead.
FromMemory Alpha, ((In an article appearing in StarTrek: Communicator issue 134, Lien recalled, "I was on for afew seasons, then they asked me to leave. They decided not to renewmy contract. I didn't ask why I was not being renewed, I just said'okay' and moved on. ))
I personally think she was very hurt by her firing, which explainswhy she pretty much hung up her acting career. It doesn't help yourconfidence when someone less talented obtains or replaces you. I'vebeen passed over for a promotion years ago with someone less talentedand it still has me bitter about the company.
She did in fact do some voice work in animated shows, and could havemade a good career out of it. But, she turned away from Hollywood.
However,Lien did make this statement about her time there years later andturning from an actress to a mother. FromTrek, ((Ihad a good time. It went on after I left and continued, but my timewas great. I have no complaints. I have no regrets. Everything workedout the way it should have. Everything happens for a reason. So Idon’t look back and say it should have been like this or it shouldhave been like that. I’m perfectly at peace and content with mylife. I don’t live in the past and I don’t wish anything weredifferent.))
She'sat peace today, but I wonder if her firing harmed her in long run. She did a couple seasons of Menin Black: The Seriesand that was pretty much it. Plus, having her fired probably broughtthat heat onto Jeri Ryan, which I mentioned before. Even Bragamentioned some of this heat, despite the fact he started to bangRyan.
FromMemory Alpha, (("Iwill say that there were definitely uncomfortable feelings among thecast, which is totally understandable. We let Jennifer Lien go, andbrought someone new on [namely, Jeri Ryan], and that's bound to causesome unsettled feelings. There were rough spots here and there, butit's nothing worth noting. Everyone was very professional."(Cinefantastique,Vol. 30, No. 9/10, p. 78)))
Well,yeah rough spots in the fact thatKate Mulgrewwasn't that welcoming to havingRyan on board.
Itwould be interesting to see where Lien would be if she stayed on theshow for the 7 years.

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