Monday, February 6, 2012

Star Trek Voyager “The Thaw” Final Scene

 Star Trek Voyager “The Thaw”Final Scene
Probably one of the best episodesfrom that troubled series has to be the episode The Thaw. Basically,people from a deep freeze have their minds actively through a dreamworld program. Their minds created a projection of their collectivefears in the form of The Clown (MichaelMcKean). This Clown terrorized them and had a desire to live on through theprogram.
Thebest part of the program is the way Captain Janeway tricks the Clowninto destroying himself. It is wonderfully directed with the lightsgoing down slowly until it is completely dark and the music fades. That is a very wonderful ending.  A real shame we couldn't have gotten more shows like this. 
Bythe way, check out McKean's expression at the end...priceless.
Clown: “I'm afraid.”
Janeway: “I know.”
Clown: “Drat.” 

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