Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead (48)

WhitneyHouston Dead
FromRolling Stone,((WhitneyHouston was found dead today in a Beverly Hills hotel room, the LosAngeles Times is reporting.
Paramedicsarriving at the Beverly Hilton found the singer's body.  ))
Well,we knew it was going to happen. No one parties that hard without itcoming back to hit you hard. This is what happened to Whitney. Sheonly 48 years old. That is extremely young for someone to die insuch manner.
LikeMichael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, this a wake up call to substanceabusers.
Shewas an amazing artist with an outstanding voice. She brought manyelements of R&B and Soul to the mainstream. In her prime, she wasa pretty woman. (Yep, a good looking woman with talent too.) Shecame around during an age when you had to have real talent to reach the charts.
Iremember hearing her songs and loving the smooth sounds coming fromthe music. Her voice was simply outstanding. A lot of femaleartists have modeled their voices after hers.
Shealso had some pretty good roles in a few movies. (TheBodyguard Waitingto Exhale )
Atone point, she was just as big as Michael Jackson. That allchanged...
Yearslater, she started to be known for her heavy drug use instead of hermusic or acting. I remember seeing her in a performance and shecouldn't even hit all of those high notes she once could. It wasreally sad to hear and watch that. Then there was the train wreck ofthat stupid reality show with Bobby Brown.  That show just made both of them look like jokes. And, do you remember that strange interview she didwhere she said, “Crack is whack”?
Oh, Boy. 
Hereare some of my favorite hits from over the years. I guess having anamazing talent wasn't enough for her and she turned inward andstarted destroying herself. A real shame I say.
SideNote: For fun, I would loudly sing “I'm Every Woman” just to getpeople to laugh seeing a big dude singing that song. Sometimes myother manly friends would join me in the song.

Howwill I know...
SavingAll My Love
Iwanna dance with somebody

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