Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work It Canceled (I guess it did "work it" that much)

Work ItCanceled
I rememberhearing about this show on a podcast.  Itwas a podcast that actually had the creators of the show on it defending theirdecision to make the show.  I neverbothered watching the show myself, but only heard how bad it was on TV. 
I justwanted to know who green-lit the show, because this is even low for the FOXNetwork.  I didn’t realize how bad theshow was until I bore witness to the awful trailer. 
I meanreally, are you so bankrupt with idea that you would think this concept wouldeven work. 
And, yes,that was Fernando Sucre from Prison Break.  What in the hell was he thinking? 
I know that the GLAAD went after the series, but the criticsroasted this turd show like it was an Adam Sandler movie.  I am not sure I could bring myself to evenwatching the 2 episodes that aired.  Itis like little 30 minutes of Big Momma’s House movies all over again.

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